The Roman Studies Foundation, established on October 4, 1995, is a nonprofit Private Cultural Foundation whose essential objectives are to stimulate the study of the Roman presence in Spain, collaborate with national and international institutions in the knowledge and dissemination of the influence of Roman culture in our history and, specially to make known and transmit the role of Mérida in the History of the Roman Empire of the Iberian Peninsula.

The Foundation, located in The National Museum of Roman Art, has as its beneficiaries the Spanish society and the museums and institutions dedicated to the study and dissemination of the Roman presence in the Iberian Peninsula.
The supreme organ of The Roman Studies Foundation is the Board whose function is to carry out all the actions leading to the best fulfillment of its purposes. It is constituted by a group of personalities from different fields and specialties.

The Roman Studies Foundation has among its priority lines of action the organization of conferences, courses, congresses and exhibitions; the carrying out of studies and reports; the publication of those studies; the granting of scholarships and the creation of awards for research on the presence of Rome in Spain. In short, ensure the preservation of the Roman presence in Spain and the dissemination of its culture in the Iberian Peninsula.

From the beginning The Roman Studies Foundation collaborates with the National Museum of Roman Art in the development of research programs, in close collaboration with the museum’s Research Department, as well as in the publication and dissemination of research results.

In its work to promote and disseminate the knowledge of the Romanization, the Foundation develops collaborative projects with The National Museum of Roman Art and the Association of Friends of the Roman Art Museum in the field of Non-formal Education, both for school children of different educational levels and in the field of Adults Education, betting on heritage as a civic value.

The Roman Studies Foundation collaborates in the development of cultural programs that are held in the The National Museum of Roman Art throughout the year as Cycles of conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Courses, etc. In addition, the Foundation promotes other types of cultural activities, such as Temporary Exhibitions or Concerts, among others, to promote culture and enjoyment by society.

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