International Volunteer Day  –  JOINT ACT OF THE PROJECT

Place: Rome, Lisbon, Mérida

Date: December 5th, 2019


On the occasion of International Volunteer Day, a joint activity was carried out in the three museums to highlight the role of their work as well as to make it known to society. In addition, a joint evaluation of the program could be carried out.

The common heritage that unites the collections of the three centers, the Imperial Forums Museum (Rome), National Museum of Archaeology (Lisbon) and the National Museum of Roman Art (Mérida), and by extensión, the three cities, is the legacy of the Roman Empire. The capital of the Empire, Rome, the capital of the province of Lusitania, Merida, and the capital of the province on the Atlantic coast, Lisbon. Therefore, we propose a transversal theme, significant in our collections, such as the reign of Emperor Augustus. The three thematic axes would be:

  • The sculptural group of Aeneas. MNAR The imperial ideology of Augustan advertise.
  • The Portrait of Augustus. MNA The images of power.
  • The Forum of Augustus. Trajan’s markets. The imperial model.



The training activities were documented on video and are available on the YouTube channel of the Merida Museum.

videos here

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